Saturday, January 11, 2014

Shopping at Part-Dieu mall

Today Norbert and I went to Part-Dieu mall in Lyon. I got some sweaters, blouse, skirt and some stockings. I never realized how big this mall is, it's about four floors.

I love the many installations throughout the mall.

It was a really busy day! I'm not big on crowds, I was glad to finally go home.

This always happens when I'm trying to take an "unusual" photo. Your usual photo bomb!

I really liked this art installation. Very unusual and colourful.
Meanwhile, "somewhere" in Lyon......
The vans in this photo are "prostitute" vans. They were everywhere in this particuliar location. The girls stay in the van waiting for a potential client. When they are available they have a candle on the dashboard lit up(battery operated). Laws here are very different. Girls cannot go up to men, it has to be the other way around. Of course I think a law just came into play that changes this as well.

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