Saturday, August 2, 2014

Another rescue a week later

I will start out by saying this is a desperate rescue. On Friday, August 1st my husband calls me to tell me he has three orphaned baby black birds. No feathers, eyes are closed! Apparently when a bunch of his co-workers were trimming/cutting trees one of those trees had a nest. One of the four babies died and one of them has an injury concerning his beak. Norbert took off work to deliver the birds to me. Meanwhile I'm looking all over the internet on how to care for baby black birds. I might add the gentleman who cut this particular tree was devastated. No one wants to hurt, much less (accidentally) kill an animal. I really felt bad for the guy as I would feel the same way. Well we are almost over our second day and so far so good. I hope they survive. Unfortunately  animal rescues are few and far apart here in my area.
Hungry baby birds! (1st day)
Sleeping baby birds (2nd day)

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