Monday, August 4, 2014

Chicken family on the loose in Riverie!

I swear I'm on a bird kick lately!

I finally found the phantom chicken who for the past few days was clucking like mad. In fact it’s a whole family of chickens! I saw them huddled next to their owners door. I snuck a few photos before knocking on the door to tell him his chickens are on the loose. No one was answering and there was clearly someone there ( loud music was playing). A neighbor also noticed the family of chickens and tried to get the owners attention as well. 

Later on in the evening the rooster was on the roof of one of the village houses (unfortunately I didn't get a picture).

A few days ago there was one incident with an old man and his small dog versus the chicken. I heard the loud, angry clucks and I looked out the window and witness this rooster walking down the street, behind him the old man and his dog. The old man was seriously annoyed by the rooster and kind of scooted him away angrily. Writing this down doesn't do the visual justice as it was quite funny.

This chicken family is sweet on how they stick together. 

                           The hen is very pretty, if you look closely her baby is underneath her.

 The rooster got sick of my shenanigans, so took off running.
                                                         I am now stalking my victims.

 I like this photo!

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