Thursday, September 26, 2019

Unlucky Mushroom Hunting

Since we have been getting a lot of rain we figured we would go mushroom hunting. Unfortunately, we found no edible mushrooms. In fact there were hardly any mushrooms. However, I did take a lot of photos. I mean what road trip without photos, right?
Tree stump with a lot of moss. This might seem boring for some people but for me, it is interesting and beautiful.
 A beetles wing hidden in the moss.
Bizarre tree growth and formation.
Such a bizarre mushroom we found on the side of the road we had to stop. I took several photos.

Monday, September 16, 2019

Visiting the Zoo – September 16

For whatever reason I focused on birds on this visit.

I always wanted to see the flamingos but didn’t know the way to see them, except for today. When entering the zoo we just kept going straight and there they were. There were a lot of picnic tables abound. One thing that is nice about this zoo, is that you can bring your own food.
 Meet the headless bird!
 Young dove with a parent.
Two young house sparrows.
Another cat sighting.

The kitty sees us.
Momma and her baby.
Sleepy big cats! 
Get ready!

Looks like the chickens are going to race each other.

Took a photo of this, just because.

The zoo is called “Espace Zoologique de St Martin la Plaine” and it’s located in Saint Martin la Plaine. 

Here’s their website: