Saturday, November 8, 2014

Christmas at Gamm Vert

Gamm Vert is a store that has everything from plants, planting and gardening supplies, pet store, kitchen supplies, food and clothing. This is by far my favourite store! November 8th was the opening of their Christmas store. It was very pretty and I bought a few things. Unfortunately I didn’t have my regular camera so I used Norbert’s cell phone to take photos.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween night

As of last year there seems to be more and more children (and teenagers) celebrating Halloween. Now Halloween is not really celebrated in France as with other European countries. The UK and Ireland do celebrate this festival. 

This year the village I live in had a Halloween party in the castle and there was a haunted house around the corner where we live. Remember we are in a village of less than 300 people, but that did not stop the large numbers of people coming to Riverie to celebrate.

This year we decorated outside, but I suspect this will grow in time. We also set up my computer with speakers to play scary sounds. One good thing I wasn’t sick this year so I had plans to enjoy giving candy out to the kids.

I bought Norbert a scary mask from an online American shop which had good prices and an even decent shipping charge.