Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Wild Pheasants in the Fields

You know Autumn is near when you start to see certain birds such as pheasants. We usually see pheasants early in the morning when they are feeding. Unfortunately for them hunting season just started. Hunting season in France officially starts on the 2nd Sunday of September. Hunters hunt rabbit, pheasant, wild pig, deer, etc.

Observing these beautiful birds is special. When we see a group we stop the car and observe and if I have a camera I take pictures. However, recently we passed a pheasant sitting on an old wooden fence and he was huge and very beautiful. Unfortunately it was too late.... to take a photo that is.
 Young pheasant who hasn't gone through his/her moult.
 Same pheasant in a closer view.
Pheasants usually go in groups as they are social birds. This was a small group.
 Oops, this guy saw me!
Still watching and not moving.