Monday, September 1, 2014

Salad Made By Norbert

I just wanted to post these photos as like the display and composition. It was pretty good tasting.

I'm sure I'll post many like this in the future.

Blackbird update before I gave them freedom

I haven’t put up an update in a while as I have been busy with other stuff, including a disagreeable computer. I’m now focused and ready to share. These birds have really thrived and it has been a relief for us. I have since let them go, except for the one with the damaged beak (we named the little bird “Joli.” A week after these photos we let two of them go (photos in next blog entry).

Warning:There's a lot of photos! :)
 Still a little nestling.
 Three little nestlings growing up!
 Birds starting to fledge and exploring their new nest and environment.
 Looks like I have twins!
 Three little hens.
Learning to fly!
 Enjoying watching the rain.

 Getting older (teenage stage) and enjoying the leaves I put in their cage.

Videos of the little birds on YouTube.