Sunday, December 29, 2013

Our Village Outdoor Christmas Decorations

A few days ago we walked through the village to see the different outdoor Christmas decorations. Sad to say some decorations looked a little frazzle as it was windy a couple of days before. These decorations will stay up all January until the end of the month. One thing I love about living in the country is that people make their own d├ęcor using a little bit of nature.

The first two photos are of our decorations. We used a little bit of holly and fir branches with a lot of mistletoe to finish.

The rest of the photos are from all over the village.



Sunday, December 22, 2013

Biggest Snow Storm of the Year

I’m posting this even though the story is a month old of a major (and biggest) snow storm we had. I haven’t seen snow this deep since I was a kid!
It started snowing on November 19th and continued on the 20th. We could not go to work as all the roads were blocked. So I’m posting some photos (in black and white) of my walk on November 20th and the day after when it was calm and sunny. After a month we still had a little snow left over until it rained and washed it all away.


The next day, November 21st. It was a beautiful day for walking. All photos in colour.



Saturday, February 2, 2013

Cats of Riverie Part 4

Some of these photos were taken in Autumn, while others were during winter. I have been using a Canon 20d for these photos and really enjoyed it.
 Beautiful Main Coon!
 Curious cat!
 This poor feral cat has had a tough life.
 She looks like she is laughing. It's a funny photo.