Friday, November 3, 2017

Christmas shop at Jardinerie Grassot

It’s funny that after November 1st and 2nd many “Christmas shops” open and are established in some of the bigger garden and home stores. I decided to check out a new “Christmas shop” at Jardinerie Grassot in Brignais. It opened officially on November 3rd and will remain open until December 24th. I was impressed by the scale of the shop and variety of items on sale. It reminds me of the Christmas shops in small villages outside of Colmar. On the 11th I will check out Gamm Vert as that store has always been my favorite. Their Christmas shop is more compact and seems smaller, but I could be wrong about this. So officially, people in this area of France start to get ready for the Christmas season. I used to think the US started w-a-y too early when it came to Christmas decor, music, buying presents, etc., and I still think that.  Now some countries (Ireland and the UK come to mind) in Europe have been pushing Christmas earlier, even a “black Friday” day. I hope the trend stops at November and doesn’t go any earlier.

                 Christmas ornaments, candle holders, displays and napkins, ribbons for crafting.