Saturday, August 2, 2014

My new baby sparrow rescue

One of my favorite things about the spring and summer is occasionally helping orphan birds and then letting them go. I only help birds that I feel are in danger, ie; cats, children, cars, etc. It has been a slow year until recently. The birds leaving their nests are not landing on the ground but flying (pretty good I might add) to trees and on roof tops. It has been a pretty impressive year. We have seen very few casualties which makes me pretty happy.

Everything was pretty slow up until one week ago when I saw this tiny little sparrow hopping about in front of my window. I went to check on him, but couldn't find him. So I went about business as usual. A couple of hours later I saw him again, he looked a little confused. I went out to see him again and realized he was still too young to be out of his nest. He needed to be in the nest at least four more days. He still had his pin feathers!

It's been a week now and he's doing pretty good. I got him to eat on his own. I made him this baby bird food mash (you can get the recipe right here. baby sparrow care), fed him meal worms, millet and flies.

 He looks like he has a little mohawk in this pict.

In this photo, Bandit comes to greet the little baby, but instead bites my fingers. She's never aggressive towards me, but since I have another bird Bandit is not pleased. I think she thinks I'm going to put this bird in her cage, which I'm not. Generally I let Bandit fly around the living room, but since I got this new cage she wont come out.

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