Monday, October 26, 2015

Dew on spider webs, mushrooms and colourful leaves.

St Catherine is a small village a few minutes from where we live. They have a bakery, bar, small grocer, place to eat and many more places and offices. The place we visited is a forest outside of this village. It was an early morning and there was a lot of fog which left "dew" on many plants including spider webs. It was a nice and tranquil morning.
 Our car front window before we leave. Look at all that condensation.
 Closeup of some pretty leaves.
 Spider on a spider web.
 Dew on a spider web. I love the jewel effect.

 Mushrooms taking a peak.
 Colorful oak leaves.
 More colorful oak leaves.
 Acorns on a still "greenish" oak leaves branch.
 Many webs with dew on them.
 A lone mushroom. There is a mushroom that looks similar and edible, but it's more pink in the middle and reddish when you break it up.
On our way back toward Saint Catherine and Riverie.