Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween in Riverie 2015

Halloween is not usually celebrated in France but a lot of that is changing because of its youth. In the last three years my village has celebrated Halloween. First it was door to door trick or treaters and a party in the castle. Now every year for the last two years the village introduced a haunted house. The village is crawling with kids and teenagers. The costumes get better every year as well. France does observe November 1st and 2nd, and adding Halloween (or All Hollows Eve) would be the full observation of the three holy days.

A couple of things before the photos. While we were standing outside a bat was flying frantically all around us. I thought bats went into hibernation during this time. It was a huge surprise to see. The other thing, I hope next year people will decorate more. It really is fun, the decorating part that is.
 We bought three pumpkins this year. I drew in the faces, Norbert carved.
 Norbert found carving the pumpkins unusually relaxing.
 Closeup of the carving.
 The teeth Norbert cut out. The toothpicks help keep the teeth in place.
 Setting the teeth inside the mouth.
All three pumpkins carved, thanks to Norbert's hard work.
 All set for tonight.

 This costume scared a couple of people. If your not scaring anyone you're doing it wrong.
 Our lit up pumpkins.
 Some pumpkins across the way that were put out by some people.
Close up of the tiny guys.
 Another close up.
 Norbert getting into character.... looking scary.
 Whole display all lit up.
 Close up of our "bat" lights.

 Our first trick or treaters.
More trick or treaters. I would of loved to take more photos as there were some decent costumes. These last two photos were taken with my smartphone.

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