Friday, January 3, 2014

Christmas ornaments from JCPenney

Today I got my Christmas ornaments from JCPenney. They were on clearance, but to be honest I think next time I will just travel to the US and shop there and bring the stuff back. It’s better and I get to see family, friends and do a lot of things. It’s not the expense of shipping and handling, it’s the other tariffs which are expensive. That being said I like my ornaments.  The day before, I (finally) got my ribbon candy. I ordered it in late November (or the 2nd of December, I can’t remember) and I finally got it on January 2nd. There really is a big difference when using snail mail and DHL. However I ordered some cards in October using snail mail and I got them within a week.  Both vendor and I were pleasantly surprised. Btw, the candy is good. Norbert and I have been enjoying this sweet delight.

The angel is a tree topper.

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