Sunday, October 29, 2017

Organizing my candy for Halloween!

A good part of the day was putting these little black, die cut boxes together so I can put candy in them to give out to the kids Tuesday night. Between the boxes and gift bags I have over 50. I don't know whether to keep going or stop while I'm ahead. The reason why I did this is so the kids will get equal quantities in both types of candy and amount. Every year we get a good amount of children coming to our door, so I'm pretty confident I'm ready.
 Candy bags open to be sorted and put into boxes (left side)
 Boxes up close!
 Gift bags with candy in them but not finished....yet.
 More goodie bags in the making.
Boxes adding up next to the goodie bags.
 The "Peeps" are for us to munch on. I couldn't resist.
You can see how the gift bags have multiplied.

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